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Reviewing Forbes Indonesia's List

Conglomerate Responsibility to Society and Environment

A wealth of trillions of rupiah for almost all the population of the country is nothing more than a fairy tale. However for those who are privileged enough to have it ought to bear in mind a modern fairy tale’s saying of Spider-Man, “With great power comes great responsibility”…
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Menilik Daftar Forbes

Tanggung Jawab Konglomerat atas Masyarakat dan Lingkungan

Jumlah kekayaan sebesar puluhan trilyun bagi hampir seluruh penduduk Nusantara adalah bagaikan dongeng. Tapi paling tidak bagi mereka yang memilikinya semoga mereka juga mencamkan nasihat dongeng mutakhir Spider-Man, “With great power comes great responsibility”, tanggung jawab besar menyertai kekuasaan yang besar…
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Mengenang Seluruh Korban Teror

Terrorisme dan Komunikasi Kemanusiaan

Lima tahun sudah berlalu sejak hari Selasa kelabu tanggal 11 September 2001, namun ingatan publik tentang insiden berdarah yang terjadi masih sangat kental. Sejak saat itu konsep “terorisme” mulai merasuki pasar secara kodian dan diobral sebagai sebuah komoditas yang mengerikan. Masyarakat dunia pada saat itu seakan-akan baru sadar bahwa terorisme merupakan ancaman nyata dalam kehidupan sehari-hari di abad ke-21.
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A Research on CSR Regimes in East-Asia

Growing Towards Another Crisis?

The growth in Asia has been a phenomenon that can not be ignored. But with the growing body of research dedicated to the social implications of businesses as the main economic engine, it is crucial to assess Asian businesses in such perspective. Especially since the assertions made on Asian businesses are discomforting. The leading concept that entails the role of businesses to societal life is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Is it still the case that the current growth in Asia not a sustainable one? Could Asia face another (social) crisis because of the behavior of Corporate Asia?
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Globalization and Terrorism: Multinational Corporations as Part of the Solution

Other than the direct effect of terrorist attacks to business, (international) managers seldom realize the interaction currently going on between globalization, which is the frontier where they work, and terrorism itself –especially how globalization can turn into great advantage for terrorism. At this time the mainstream perception on fighting terrorism focuses more on security-intelligence improvement and superior warfare. Meanwhile, there is a major role that the business world can and should play to effectively deter terrorism globally.
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A Research Outline

Terrorism Coverage in the Indonesian Media

This research proposal was submitted and approved as the Bachelor thesis research International Business Administration -Erasmus University Rotterdam. Due to technical practicalities the original footnotes and appendices are omitted.
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    Ordinary People, Extraordinary Resilience

    A Documentary Shows Political Maturity of Indonesian Grassroots Several international friends have asked the question, how come Indonesia managed a relatively peaceful transition of power over the years? Even following the 1997-98 regime change that involved some dark violent episodes, the country quickly re-established order and peace. Why is that despite the bitter political fights [...]

    A Democracy Can Overcome Extremism

    The closing of houses of worship, assault on an orphanage and stabbing of a religious leader all happened in front of our eyes and under full media coverage. We cannot say that we did not see this coming. As a democratic society, the blame rests with us. The government that has done little to prevent such acts — even possibly provoking hostility toward a certain group in some instances — is, like it or not, a democratically elected one.

    Seandainya Saya Penulis Pidato Presiden RI …

    Tulisan pidato ini adalah fiktif belaka yang diandaikan sebagai pidato Presiden RI. Dalam andaian itu, pidato ini dibacakan untuk menjawab keresahan masyarakat yang memilihnya untuk menjadi Presiden atas tindak kekerasan yang terjadi menjelang bulan suci Ramadhan dan peringatan hari Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia. Tindak kekerasan diluar hukum sebagai wujud intoleransi seharusnya tidak memiliki tempat di negara yang serius menerapkan Pancasila. Pidato ini bukanlah serta merta sebuah kritik, tetapi lebih merupakan pengharapan–pengharapan bahwa 65 tahun adalah umur yang cukup bagi sebuah Negara dan Bangsa untuk mulai beranjak dewasa; dan juga pengharapan bahwa seorang pemimpin yang terpilih secara demokratis dapat pula menegakkan asas-asas demokrasi yang fundamental, termasuk melawan dengan tegas mereka yang berusaha merusak tatanan demokrasi.

    The Strategic Case of Climate Change for Indonesia

    It is critical to frame the issue of climate change as a problem to the population. It should not be seen only as a problem to the environment, since it also poses grave challenges to social and economic development. Planet Earth has been in existence for more than four billion years and has gone through solar storms, meteor impacts and several ice ages. Several dozens of high-grade hurricanes and meters of rising sea level will not jeopardize the planet as much as it will demolish the people living on it.The window of opportunity for Indonesia to embed climate change considerations into its development plan and muster international support to undertake a low carbon development is still open – but not for long.

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