Some phrases are worth remembering or at least glanced through once and again. Indeed, their worthiness is often boosted by the person behind the words. This selection provides a very small fraction of those phrases from renowned ladies and gentlemen from various periods. Although they are listed in no particular order, updates will be placed on top for comfort reading.

Harga diri adalah titik potong antara kurva rasa malu dengan kurva hawa nafsu. Nilai-nya berbanding lurus dengan rasa malu dan berbanding terbalik dengan hawa nafsu. Karena itu sebagai fungsi dari waktu, harga diri sewajarnya meningkat.—Alex Sulaksana

Kesetiaan kepada negeri ini bukanlah karena patriotisme yang pongah. Kita setia kepada Indonesia justru karena ia terus-menerus memanggil: ia belum selesai. Kita tak bisa melepaskan diri dari ikatan kita kepadanya; kita tak bisa melupakannya; kita terkadang bangga terkadang risau oleh karenanya. Tapi tetap: Indonesia bukan hanya sebuah tempat tinggal. Indonesia adalah sebuah amanat. Begitu banyak sudah orang berkorban untuk cita-cita yang membuat negeri ini lahir.—Goenawan Mohamad

Dalam masa yang penuh cobaan ini banyak idealisme yang padam, banyak semangat perjuangan yang kendor, banyak pemimpin yang luntur, namun kita yakin … bahwa bangsa kita akan selalu memiliki kekuatan untuk pada suatu waktu menghentikan proses yang hendak menghilangkan hasil, cucuran darah dan percikan keringat dan meniadakan hasil pengorbanan dan penderitaan bangsa kita.

Revolusi kita baru selesai selangkah. Revolusi kita itu harus kita teruskan dan rampungkan. Modalnya tidak lain ialah semagat revolusi yang sudah tertanam dalam tubuh kita.

Selama darah revolusi mengalir dalam tubuh kita, selama itu pula tidak ada rintangan yang tidak dapat kita atasi.—A.H. Nasution

Gitu aja kok repot …—Abdurrahman Wahid

Now how about our Land of Birth, Indonesia? Thick fog blankets the country. People live like cavemen, kept in the dark. Noble and holy character and love of country like that possessed by the Japanese, French, and Dutch are still below the surface here. If this description is accurate, can our people move ahead like other nations? … Of course, we can if there are leaders to enlighten our people.—Raden Soetomo

Once you open that Pandora’s box, you’ll find it full of Trojan horse—Ernest Bevin

Any woman who understands the problem of running a home, will be able to understand the problems of running a country—Margaret Thatcher

Stalin, comrades, is such a figure that many historians will break their teeth trying to learn about him, and there will still be something left to learn—Nikita Krushchev

The Dutch are graciously permitting us (Indonesian) entry into the basement while we have climbed all the way to the top floor and up to the attic—Muhammad Hatta

An honest politician is one who, when he’s bought, stays bought—Simon Cameron

I had rather be right than be President—Henry Clay

I demanded the abolition of the death penalty in the Assembly… But Louis must die that the country may live—Maximilien Robespierre

No one can be a king and not do harm—Louis Antoine de Saint-Just

Scarcely is there any peace so unjust that it is better than even the fairest war—Desiderius Erasmus

Knowledge itself is power—Francis Bacon

There is a difference between imitating a good man and counterfeiting him—Benjamin Franklin

If there were no bad people, there would be no good lawyers—Charles Dickens

Those who stand for nothing fall for anything—Alex Hamilton

Drama is life with the dull bits cut out—Alfred Hitchcock

The central challenge we face today is to ensure that globalization becomes a positive force for all the world’s people, instead of leaving billions behind in squalor—Kofi Annan

Man, an animal that makes bargains—Adam Smith

Politics are too serious a matter to be left to the politicians—Charles de Gaulle

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    Ordinary People, Extraordinary Resilience

    A Documentary Shows Political Maturity of Indonesian Grassroots Several international friends have asked the question, how come Indonesia managed a relatively peaceful transition of power over the years? Even following the 1997-98 regime change that involved some dark violent episodes, the country quickly re-established order and peace. Why is that despite the bitter political fights [...]

    A Democracy Can Overcome Extremism

    The closing of houses of worship, assault on an orphanage and stabbing of a religious leader all happened in front of our eyes and under full media coverage. We cannot say that we did not see this coming. As a democratic society, the blame rests with us. The government that has done little to prevent such acts — even possibly provoking hostility toward a certain group in some instances — is, like it or not, a democratically elected one.

    Seandainya Saya Penulis Pidato Presiden RI …

    Tulisan pidato ini adalah fiktif belaka yang diandaikan sebagai pidato Presiden RI. Dalam andaian itu, pidato ini dibacakan untuk menjawab keresahan masyarakat yang memilihnya untuk menjadi Presiden atas tindak kekerasan yang terjadi menjelang bulan suci Ramadhan dan peringatan hari Kemerdekaan Republik Indonesia. Tindak kekerasan diluar hukum sebagai wujud intoleransi seharusnya tidak memiliki tempat di negara yang serius menerapkan Pancasila. Pidato ini bukanlah serta merta sebuah kritik, tetapi lebih merupakan pengharapan–pengharapan bahwa 65 tahun adalah umur yang cukup bagi sebuah Negara dan Bangsa untuk mulai beranjak dewasa; dan juga pengharapan bahwa seorang pemimpin yang terpilih secara demokratis dapat pula menegakkan asas-asas demokrasi yang fundamental, termasuk melawan dengan tegas mereka yang berusaha merusak tatanan demokrasi.

    The Strategic Case of Climate Change for Indonesia

    It is critical to frame the issue of climate change as a problem to the population. It should not be seen only as a problem to the environment, since it also poses grave challenges to social and economic development. Planet Earth has been in existence for more than four billion years and has gone through solar storms, meteor impacts and several ice ages. Several dozens of high-grade hurricanes and meters of rising sea level will not jeopardize the planet as much as it will demolish the people living on it.The window of opportunity for Indonesia to embed climate change considerations into its development plan and muster international support to undertake a low carbon development is still open – but not for long.

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